Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

Wow, do I love this kid.  Luke's class had a Mother's Day Tea at school today.  They had to write (and then read in front of everyone) a book called, "The Best Mom".  I can't hold a torch to him - the assignment should've been:  'the best kid'.  He would've won.  Hands down :)

You made my day, buddy.  I love you!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Country Music in the Big City

Emma said to me today: "Mommy, I know we live in a big city and I should really like dance music since we live in that big city but really, I really really like Country Music.  Like Chicken Fried."

Not sure which is funnier -we do NOT live in a big city, or Chicken Fried.  I hate country music.  Hate. It.

Although I must admit that somehow this song makes you want to sing. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

At least we are cool!

Rough weekend for the kids.  Emma had her Girl Scout Banquet on Friday.  There were 200 Girl Scouts and their mothers in attendance.  It lasted for almost 5 hours.  5 HOURS!  Oh. My. Headache.  During that 5 hours, each troop had to decorate their table for the judges.  Each troop did a dance routine for the dance contest.  They had door prizes all night long. 

Emma's troop didn't win one prize.  Not one.  Not even a door prize.  Don't you think the losers who didn't win the table decorations or the dance competition could've had first dibs on the door prizes?  Nope.  Losers the whole way around.    Poor cute little Daisies who thought their dance routine was the best.  :(  Us moms thought so too, it must've been rigged.  ha ha.

As the banquet was going on, Joe and Luke were at Luke's first travel hockey tournament.  Joe was texting me updates.  Faster than my phone could post the texts it was 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, all the way to 8-0.  Who knew they had a mercy rule and quit the game at an 8 point spread.  Our poor boys didn't know what hit them. 

The rest of the weekend was more of the same.  Luke's team lost all their games.  Welcome to the Big Leagues, buddy  - much different than our little in-house league, wow.  I saw license plates from several states and even Ontario!  Lots of RV's, this must be all these people do - travel around and beat the begeebers out of unsuspecting 10 year old hockey players. 

Anyway.  Emma said, "Wow, our family sure is a bunch of losers.  But hey - at least we are cool!"

Great attitude, baby!  HA!
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