Thursday, April 25, 2013

"I feel different, like I'm in a different country..."

Luke has moved on.  He has played dek hockey for 3 years.  He has made great friends.  (See post here.)  After he played his last game as a 9 year old (in the 7-9 year old division), he decided not to play dek hockey anymore. He has only played roller hockey for a year, but he has decided he is JUST a roller guy now.  No looking back :)

He's been playing in an in-house league, with kids from our local area who occassionally get mixed up on different teams, so they all get to know each other. 

Recently, we decided to let him try out for a traveling roller hockey team.  Not sure what we're getting ourselves into, but....  he made it.  He was thrilled.  Most of the tournaments will be local (within a 1 1/2 hours drive time or so) but we will be going to Buffalo, NY as well. 

At practice last night, they got their jerseys.  He wore one at practice last night and wore the other one to school today.  He cannot believe that it has his last name on it!  The joy.  Pure joy on this boy's face.  According to his logic, he is now a real hockey player since he has a hockey jersey with his OWN name on it.  No point in wearing NHL guys on his back anymore.  ha ha.

He said to me, "I think this league is really serious, mom!"

After he put the jersey on this morning, he said, "I feel like...  different.  Like I'm still skating."  (He drug his feet around the house like there were skates on his feet.)  "I feel different...  like I'm in another country."  To which I said, "Huh??!!"  He said, "Like I'm in Germany.  Like Johnny."

My cousin's son, Johnny, was in the NHL for a little bit, now he is in Germany, playing hockey there. 

Now Luke is just like Johnny.  He has a jersey with his name on the back of it. Seriously. Too. Cute.

Welcome to the big leagues, my boy!  :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Smokin' hot

I went shopping at the mall with my mom yesterday.  We didn't have much time since it was in between dropping Emma off and picking her up from a birthday party.  But it had been awhile since I had actually shopped.  Usually, I browse the Target clothes while I am picking up paper towels, soap, laundry detergent, etc.  Occassionally I will treat myself and walk through TJMaxx. 

So spending that time with my mom was nice. 

Among other things, I ended up getting a pair of pink ankle pants.  I really liked all the colors they are showing this season.  Very fun!  I wore said pants to church this morning (yes, we have a casual church).  When I came out of my room, Emma said, "Oooooo....  mommy, did you get new pants?"  To which I obviously answered:  "Yep."  She said, "I REALLY like them.  You look smokin' hot!"

My eyeballs must've fallen out because when I said, "Where did you hear that from?"  She gasped and stammered, "Um, um....  I think I just made it up right now all by myself."

Well, I guess sometimes new words have to be made up when mommy looks so smokin' hot.  ha ha ha.

This is me. 
Totally kidding.
I would NOT let my tattoo hang out like that.
Totally kidding again.
Obviously my hair is blonde, albeit fake at this point in my life.
But truth be told...
I am taller than this and my ankle pants do not bunch like that at my smokin' hot heels.
(or at my butt or my knees...)
So I guess, hopefully....
I look much better than her.
If my daughter does say so herself  :)
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