Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skating, part 2

Luke had another ice skating lesson today. Emma wanted to skate too, but you have to be 5. We asked anyway and when they found out she'd be 5 in June, they let her try it.

The little kids use this walker thing. At first, she couldn't even move it. She got the hang of it pretty quickly though. It didn't take long for her to be brave. She kept pushing the walker further and further away. Within a half hour after first stepping on the ice, she skated the whole length of the rink - without her walker! - and only fell once about 2 feet from the end. I was a bit nervous to say the least! I was wondering why on earth we didn't strap a pillow to her bum - but she proved my nerves wrong. What a big girl :(

Luke on the other hand - well, he's fast. Just ask him. He doesn't really care so much about what the teacher says. He just wants to beat the other kids. Nevermind that they've been skating for awhile. Oh no. If the teacher says to do a certain thing with your skates, then you only have to do it for 2 seconds before you look to your left and/or right and see that someone is faster than you. Then you RUN with all your might. Yep, running on skates. Somehow it works for him. Thumbs up every time for beating the kid next to him. Oh yeah.

He got busted once and the teacher tried to slow him down. Uh-oh!!

At the end, they get free skate time. Luke slowed down to help his sister. We were a bit nervous about the blind leading the blind, but it was super-cute and quite heart warming to see him wanting to take good care of her. Ahhhh..... All the stresses of parenting are totally worth it when I see a moment like that.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Behavior Chart

We like to write things down around here. It helps us stay focused. We have house rules written on a chalk board in the kitchen. We've had chore charts and behavior charts. Stickers fill up the chart, and when it is full, there is a prize.

We start out really well, but soon the chart is stuck to the fridge with missing stickers and not much accountability.... and my good intentions get lost. Again.

Our most recent attempt is the healthy habits chart. We are supposed to eat 5 fruits or veggies each day, limit ourselves to 2 hours total of TV, computer, DS, wii, etc., exercise, and do something nice for everyone in the family.

Notice I said attempt.

Not sure what happened but... I guess being healthy is too hard. ha.

Emma thought we needed another chart. She made one the other day for our dogs. I was busy cleaning or something and she'd yell, "Mommy, how do you spell...?" I figured out what she was doing. But to see it - well, seeing it was WAY cuter than thinking I knew what she was doing.


No licking.
2 hours outside.
No fighting.
Eat breakfast.
Be nice.
Play with toys.
Love each other.

Don't listen - no couch. (HA!)

She misheard some of the letters I said, but I think that just makes it even cuter.

She put it on our fridge. Too funny. And just to make sure there are no misunderstandings...

I just happened to take a picture when Maggie was yawning but I was totally cracking up that her tongue is sticking out. I like to think that she was thinking, "I don't know who you think you are, Boss Girl, but I'm 13 and I don't have to listen to rules anymore. This is what I think of your rules."

HA HA HA! And maybe that's not even that funny, but when you're a stay at home mom you make up what the dogs are thinking. Oh yes you do... ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The first day of the rest of his life

We took Luke to a learn-to-ice-skate class tonight. He loved it. He was up more than he was down - but not by much. He wiped out pretty good a few times. He's going to have some good bruises I think. But he'd get right back up and keep on trying though. I like to see that perserverance with him - he doesn't have that fightin' attitude with homework. But I digress.

He was cute - and quite hysterical! - to watch. The instructors were teaching him to march with his arms out. Sounds strange, but when he did as he was told, he actually looked like he was skating. Then someone would come by, cruising along. He'd lose all focus and it would turn into a race. Especially if that someone was smaller than him. Oh no, they were not gonna pass him!!

He'd be going, going.... gone. Wipe out. Ouch. Hopefully no one noticed as he hurried to get back up. He's at the age where it REALLY matters what other people think. So I think although maybe there were times when he wanted to just lay there on the ice, he got up quicker than he went down. It didn't matter that tears wanted to squirt out of his eyes.

We weren't sure if he'd want to go back. But when the hour was over, he said, "That was SO much fun! Can I come back next week? I'm really getting to be a good skater already." Too funny.

At bedtime (a couple hours later), he said to me, "Mommy, I have this thought in my head and I can't get it out. Can you help me get it out so I can sleep?" "What is it baby?" I asked, almost afraid of the answer. "I just keep thinking how bad I want to be an ice hockey player. I mean, deck hockey is fun, but I REALLY want to play ice hockey. I'm getting to be a good skater, right, mommy?" he asked as he skated (in his socks) down the hall to his room.

Keep working hard, baby, and you can be whatever you want to be!

I like seeing an 8 year old have perserverance and a dream. It makes this momma proud.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dark Side

It's April. Freezing cold April. We've had a handful of warm days - and I do mean a small handful. The last few days were hot even. I was more than excited to watch the thermometer climb into the low 80's. But now we are back to the 40's with rain. Brrrr.

Those few warm days are enough for the ticks. Those dirty little suckers. They get an inch but take a mile. I found one on Emma a couple days ago. They had been playing outside all day - in our backyard, not in the woods or hayfields or anything. Our backyard. Ugh.

So round two. I tried to pull this one off - and succeeded this time. No ER visit. It must've just attached. Disgusting.

The next day at lunch Emma said, "Mommy, I've been thinking about ticks."
Me: "What about them, honey?"
Emma: "I think ticks are on the devil's team. Do you mommy?"
Me: "Yes I do, baby. Yes I do."

That's the best explanation I've heard for those little suckers, that's for sure.
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