Monday, May 21, 2012

A not so good cook in Russia....

I think I have become a decent cook over the years.  Let's just say things taste way better than the box of hamburger helper we used to eat 15 years ago. 

I tried to cook some Russian foods to take to Luke's class.  We did a 'trial run' here for dinner.  It was terrible.  And I mean TERRIBLE.  Luke eats everything in sight - EVERYTHING - and he couldn't even swallow this food. 

I attempted to make Pelmeni, which is beef inside a dough.  It is served with melted butter and sour cream, but even those toppings couldn't make it taste good.  I was going to make Borscht - until I read what was in it.  Just about everything, all pureed together.  It sounded so unappetizing I couldn't even think about making it.  I also roasted some potatoes with mushrooms and onions, which were fine, but considering Luke isn't a big potato eater....  The meal did NOT stack up in his book.  The cucumber salad was the only saving grace, but Luke got sick of that pretty quickly too.

He warned me, "You can NOT cook this for my friends!  It will be so embarassing!"

So cookies and crackers and candy are the stars of the show.  And nothing else.  Or else!  ha ha ha.

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