Saturday, June 2, 2012

Puppy party

We celebrated Emma's birthday a week early. It worked out better that way with the end of school, vacation, etc. So she isn't 6 yet - but happy birthday anyway baby girl!

Notice the shirt:  'Wanted:  puppy. Will trade for brother.'  And she means it!   This year, she is into puppies and wanted a puppy party.  I love planning parties, so... I did. The fun thing is, she is old enough to *help* me plan it. So she told me pretty much exactly what she wanted - and I just did it.

Hey - isn't that what being a mom is all about anyway? Just doing what your kids tell you to do? ha ha ha.

Oh yeah. Party talk. Emma had some great ideas for games. Like 'cat cat dog' instead of 'duck duck goose'. And 'dog trainer says' instead of 'simon says'. She also wanted to have a barking contest. The only problem was, we ran out of time and didn't play any of these!  I'm sort of glad we missed the barking contest - can we say headache?? :)

Seriously, 2 hours FLIES by when you have 17 kids running around. It honestly felt like we had 15 minutes.   THIS.  For 2 hours.

But we did manage one organized game.  They "played fetch" with this dog that Emma and I painted.

The kids threw a tennis ball into the dog's mouth. Most of them did it one time and they were done, but there were 3 or 4 who could've played this all day.

We also didn't have time to play 'pin the nametag on the dog'. A couple stragglers left at the end of the party decided to play all by themselves, unblindfolded.  I guess that's more fun when you can cheat. ha ha.

But we did get to the crafts. The kids got to make dog ears. They loved this. I was surprised how much they got into it. There were even kids down on all 4's 'running' around my yard. Too cute.  

They also got to adopt their own puppy.  I ordered them online and they weren't the greatest. They were $1 a piece. There were much cuter dogs at the dollar store. But Emma - and everyone! - seemed to love them. Maybe it was the size?? I don't know. But Emma also had the idea that we could make our own doghouses. Great! Except when I did a sample one, I realized there was no way a bunch of 6 year olds could handle this craft. So I made all the doghouses and they decorated them. I spent a few nights in front of the TV cutting and taping!   I also printed out adoption certificates, which they loved.

Speaking of craft making.... I made this pinata! I am so proud, if I do say so myself!

I had no idea making a pinata was doable. Not sure why that never crossed my mind before. I searched online for 'dog pinatas' and found some scary dogs. A few bone pinatas popped up. Yuck. So I searched 'how to make your own pinata' and was surprised how easy it was. Time consuming, yes. But ease of project - VERY easy.  And the whole thing cost me $2 to make!

Emma also picked the menu: hot dogs, PUP-corn, puppy chow (cocoa puffs), dog bones (Graham cracker Scooby snacks), grapes and carrots. Served in dog bowls, of course :)

She also told me exactly how she wanted her cake decorated. My mom found an old cake pan from 1978 that she has kept all these years.... Not my favorite cake I have done, but Emma loved it. (Thanks mom!)

Wipe your paws!  Too cute!!

All in all, it was a great day - exhausting, but great. It is hard to believe she is this close to being 6. Wow. Time certainly flies!

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl!!!

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