Friday, August 24, 2012


In dek hockey, the sessions last for about 10-12 weeks and then a new one starts.  It is almost always hockey season!  The sad thing is, just when these kids are starting to come together as a team, the session ends.  Every session, there is a draft and the coaches have to start from scratch.  They don't get to keep any players from last session, each and every player is drafted again.

Thankfully, Luke's coach has done his best to keep the team together.  He has been able to keep a core of kids each session.  A few will come and go, but the kids are able to keep that team feeling.  Luke has formed some great friendships with these kids.  And us with their parents, truth be told! 

The kids have worked hard together, but they have always come up short in the playoffs.  Not this time!  They finally did it. 

The pile up after the game, love that! 

 Luke said this was the best day of his life so far.  Too cute!

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