Friday, November 16, 2012

But It's Not About the Game

Tonight was the last game Luke played on his hockey team.  (He is aging out - this team is for 7-9 year olds.)  It was the championship game.  There are 4 boys on this team who have played together for a couple years.  They all go to different schools.  Call it team spirit, call it 'birds of a feather', call it true friendship.  It really has been amazing to watch them.  Honestly, they have more fun AFTER their games when their hockey equipment comes off and they just run around, hang out and tackle each other. 

Tonight, they lost.

There were tears.

But it wasn't about the game.

Some of the other teammates were trying to console them.  "You had a great game!"  "We played tough!"  "We only lost by one goal!"

But how do 8 and 9 year old boys explain to others that their hearts were broken?  This bond that had been formed over the last few years is now - moving on.  2 of the 4 boys will be 10 years old soon.  No more weekly hockey games together.  No more seeing each other twice a week - every week.  Back to their own schools. 

Finally one boy said to a well-meaning teammate, "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE GAME, ALRIGHT?!?" 

Luke would've said the same thing - if he didn't have the tears streaming down his face.  Afterall, big tough hockey players don't cry.  Even if they are only 9, almost 10.  And big tough hockey players certainly aren't more worried about friendships than the game - are they?  Are they?!

Trying to hide the emotions for the camera. 

Life will go on. But I'm very glad for this season in Luke's life - where he learned that life isn't about the game.

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