Sunday, April 21, 2013

Smokin' hot

I went shopping at the mall with my mom yesterday.  We didn't have much time since it was in between dropping Emma off and picking her up from a birthday party.  But it had been awhile since I had actually shopped.  Usually, I browse the Target clothes while I am picking up paper towels, soap, laundry detergent, etc.  Occassionally I will treat myself and walk through TJMaxx. 

So spending that time with my mom was nice. 

Among other things, I ended up getting a pair of pink ankle pants.  I really liked all the colors they are showing this season.  Very fun!  I wore said pants to church this morning (yes, we have a casual church).  When I came out of my room, Emma said, "Oooooo....  mommy, did you get new pants?"  To which I obviously answered:  "Yep."  She said, "I REALLY like them.  You look smokin' hot!"

My eyeballs must've fallen out because when I said, "Where did you hear that from?"  She gasped and stammered, "Um, um....  I think I just made it up right now all by myself."

Well, I guess sometimes new words have to be made up when mommy looks so smokin' hot.  ha ha ha.

This is me. 
Totally kidding.
I would NOT let my tattoo hang out like that.
Totally kidding again.
Obviously my hair is blonde, albeit fake at this point in my life.
But truth be told...
I am taller than this and my ankle pants do not bunch like that at my smokin' hot heels.
(or at my butt or my knees...)
So I guess, hopefully....
I look much better than her.
If my daughter does say so herself  :)

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