Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It counts this time!

Luke had a real hockey game tonight - and he got another goal! It is official, he has scored! Of course I was quite convinced it was a real goal the other night, but I guess technically..... :) A mother never cares about technicalities though!!

He also got his first penalty. He was going for the hockey ball and tripped another player. It really wasn't intentional. He even said he didn't know why he got a penalty. When we were talking about it on the way home he said, "Well he shouldn't have tripped over my stick." True enough. ha.

It has been fun watching him get better as the season has gone on. He is getting aggressive and really gets in the action now. I love it! I mean - he loves it. Yeah, that's what I meant ;)

I think he really does love it - but this hockey mom loves it too. I'm so glad he decided to play hockey instead of baseball. I think that would be like watching paint dry after the fast-paced-ness of hockey. But then again, if he were playing baseball, I'm sure I'd be loving that instead. I jump on my kids' bandwagon pretty quickly - even if it is watching their paint dry!!

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