Monday, May 3, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

I better get some of these funnies down before I completely forget. The kids say the funniest things - especially when I least expect them.

I was just reading a bedtime story to Luke. He borrowed a book from my mom, "Prehistoric Animals". Of course everything is 'Millions of years ago there was nothing. Out of nothing, millions of years later, a fish appeared. Millions of years later, the fish grew legs and turned into an amphibian, then a reptile, then a bird, then a pig, then donkey, then, then, then... and finally a man." He was totally cracking up. He kept saying, "That is not true! God made all those in a few days!"

So Emma gets out of bed, opens Luke's door, and they have this conversation:

E - "Wuke and Mommy, you are too woud waughing. I can't sweep!" (W's for L's)
L - "But Emma, we are reading this really funny book, it is saying a fish can grow legs and turn into a horse. And guess what, a horse used to have 3 toes, then 2, then 1." (He tells her this because she loves horses.)
E- "Oh that is so funny, I can't even waugh that wong. ha ha ha ha. Oh, (dramatic pause) that was pretty wong!"

Last night, we were coming home from my parents' and we were telling them it was close to 8:00, it was quiet time in the car, and when we got home it would be bedtime. As we are driving past McDonald's, Emma says, "Mommy if it is bedtime, why are the makers still at McDonald's?"

I try to be a decent cook using healthy food. (I've gotten MUCH better over the years - I used to be all Hamburger Helper. Ick. The thought of it now!!) One day, Emma said, "Mommy, if you would just make tomato soup and mac & cheese every day, you would be THE BEST maker!"

I stay home all day so Emma and I have the day together. She always asks me what we are doing today. When I tell her we are working around the house or cleaning, she'll usually say, "Whew, mommy, we have a lot of work to do! Look at this place, it is a mess!" (I promise, it's not like I should be on Hoarders or anything!!)

Luke was reading to me for his homework tonight. Several times, the word "while" was in there. Every time he read it, he'd get up and do a little dance. I'd say, "Buddy, what are you doing?" and he said, "I'm being while!" I tried to explain that wild had a "d" on the end of the word but he just wouldn't get it.

My brother got married in mid-March. It was a very late reception (eating dinner at 11:15) and the kids are usually in bed at 8:30. Luke said, "I know it's late mommy, but we're going to shut this party down!" He almost did :)

Too bad I have not been a good journal-er the past 3-4 years.... I'm sure I have missed so many funnies. Sigh..... How does time go by so fast anyway?!?!?

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Jthemilker said...

LOVE these! Makes me miss your munchkins!

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