Thursday, August 26, 2010

That darn bus takes him every year!

I just put Luke on the bus for the first day of 2nd grade. Boo hoo! I think we are all crying!

Last night, he had a major meltdown. He didn't want to go. He was crying like crazy. I told him that even though I couldn't go with him, God could. So we'd make sure we packed God in his backpack. Plus a few pictures of our family. In case he forgot about us during the day, I guess. ha. But he really treasures those pictures, he says they will help him get through the day :)

Then he woke up crying in the middle of the night, saying he was having nightmares. A big monster grunting, "School, school!"?????? He never did tell me what it was, so I am assuming he had the same dream I did. Of course I am kidding. Maybe :)

As Emma and I were walking back up the driveway, she said, "Mommy, are you okay or are you crying?" I said, "I think I am okay. I am sad, but I'll be okay." She said, "Me too. I feel like crying because I'm sad but I won't if you won't."

So we got some standard photos. Holding the wall up, cheesing outside the front door.

We had some "mood distractions" this morning. You know, if you're being silly then you can't cry. After all, being silly is much more acceptable for a 2nd grader to do than to cry, right??

With the dogs... oh yeah, they distract too. Come here, dogs! Smile!

Come on, mom! How many pictures do you want? This is getting to be hard work.

Oh yeah, how about this new backpack? Pretty snazzy, huh? (He thought I could see it.)

Maybe second grade won't be so bad after all. At least mom won't be there to take my picture all day! Oh whew, there's the bus!

Love you, buddy! You'll do great in 2nd grade!!!

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Katie (and Tony) said...

Oh my goodness! He is getting to be SO tall! What a handsome boy! Is he almost as tall as you?

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