Monday, December 6, 2010

Certainly not slump medicine!

There is something about the sunshine that always helps my mood. When the sun shines, so do I.

So imagine my mood when I woke up to this today.

A beautiful view out my front door, don't you think? Not! (I haven't said "not" like that since high school. It is kind of refreshing! HA!)

And it hasn't stopped all day. I mean - All. Day. Tomorrow morning I completely expect to have at least double what we had this morning.

I could totally be a Florida girl. I've had enough of this nonsense over the last 37 years that I can honestly say I'm over it. There was nothing fun about shoveling the driveway today. And for what??? It's completely covered again. Oh sure, the kids had fun rolling around in it (school was cancelled today). But they could roll around on white sand beaches instead :)

So much for getting out of my slump. ha.

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