Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looking for Leprechauns

We're not Irish but this St. Patrick's Day stuff is pretty fun this year. I've never really made a big deal about it before. But after preschool yesterday, Emma came out wide-eyed and VERY talkative.

"We were trying to solve a leprechaun mystery, mommy! We looked everywhere but we couldn't find him. He even left us clues and we STILL couldn't find him. That's because he's really small and magical. And guess what! When we came back from gym, he left us necklaces! He left us all necklaces and a green coin. Do you think he is hiding in our van?"

The ride home was spent looking for him. We've been looking for him ever since. Every time one of the dogs bark - "It must be the leprechaun mommy!" Cute.

She couldn't wait to tell Luke when he got home. His kindergarten teacher did the same thing - she took them on a looking-for-a-leprechaun adventure around the school. When the kids got back, there was a pot of gold in the room. But now that he is a big second grader, he's not buying it.

"Luke, we were looking for leprechauns at school today!"
"Whatever, Emma, leprechauns aren't real!"
"Yes they are. They are magical!"
"No they're not."
Me: "How do you know, Luke, have you ever seen one?
"Well no, but I know they're not real." as his voice slowed just a bit.

This morning, he got up and got a shower and wanted to know if I could stay in the bathroom with him. I told him I had to get his breakfast and other things ready. I never stay in the bathroom with him.

"Why, buddy? What's the matter?"
"Um..... I don't know. Can you just stay with me until I'm done?"
"Luke", I say - just jokingly really - "Are you scared a leprechaun might get you?"
"Um.... yeah. Maybe."

HA! Do leprechauns come up out of the drain in the shower? Well, they are small and magical!!! ha ha ha.

So I made his oatmeal and put green food coloring in it. I admit - the coloring came out WAY too fast and made it way too green. But I was hysterical.

"Oh GROSS!" he says, "I can't eat THAT! What did you do?"
"It wasn't me, the leprechauns made your oatmeal turn green."

He wasn't quite sure what to think. He played around with it for a minute. I told him it still tasted the same so he tried a bit. He ate most of it but just couldn't stomach anymore. And then his teeth and tongue were green. Whoops! And yes, he brushed again.... He was NOT happy about that. I mean, brushing your teeth twice within 10 minutes? Horrors! ha ha ha.

Who knows what those little leprechauns will be up to today. This is fun!!!

The remnants of Luke's cereal - ew, gross!!

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