Monday, June 27, 2011

They're here

The kids are here. We are a week into a 10 day visit. Things are different this time. I am emotionally exhausted and we are definitely getting a glimpse of what life would be like with a traumatized 4 year old. Wow. She is pulling out all the stops. The baby is a gem. He is too young to have any of this affect him I guess. She has some serious issues to work through. Which we knew having already adopted a 3 year old. We've been-there-done-that. However, when we did that, we didn't have other kids to worry about. And we were 5 years younger.

This poor child. To have been through who knows what in her short 4 years. She didn't ask for - or deserve - any of this. In many ways, she acts like a teenager. In other ways, she acts younger than her age. Overall, I think she needs to be regressed and given the chance to start her childhood over, with a clean slate.

I'm not sure we're the people to do that.

But maybe we are.

When God calls, he calls the ordinary to do extraordinary things. Moses had a speech problem - and God called him to be a speaker. Noah was really old when he started building the ark. (Imagine how those knees must've ached!) Mary was a simple, unmarried girl who said yes to being the mother of Jesus. Paul was a dirty little sinner who hated Jesus and he ended up writing the majority of the New Testament.

Not sure what God is calling us to do with these children. Maybe it is what we have already done. Reach out to them and plant a seed. Maybe it is more than that. Since we are not sure, we are praying for a clear direction.

Crystal clear, please.

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