Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy (Early) 9th Birthday, Luke!

Wow. The big 9. How is that possible??? One more day left of 8 - tomorrow is Luke's birthday, but his party was today.

I swear he just turned 6..... Ahem. Sorry. Got a little choked up there.

Luke had a sports party at the sports center. It was 2 hours of crazy boy time. Hockey and flag football the entire time. What else does a boy need?

They did play tug of war for a little bit too. It was so funny. Emma and 2 of her friends (who are sisters of Luke's friends and are 3 years younger) wanted to tug. Whichever team they were on, that team won. The boys were not happy about girl power. ha.

Then all the kids went against a few dads. They loved that!

The dads won, so the kids demanded a rematch. The second time, the dads let go. The kids were hysterical laying in a big pile on the floor - and no one got hurt! I guess Dads have a hard time thinking through things too.... Huh. Thought that was an almost-9-year-old boy problem, but I guess boys never learn how to think!

Sorry, I digressed. Back to the party!

And then another hour of pizza and sugar time. Luke isn't allowed pop normally, so I bought rootbeer and orange pop for the party. Not one kid picked a Capri Sun. Sugar and sports - what a combo.

The room before... A popcorn and candy bar, cute decorations, a homemade cupcake stand with homemade cupcakes...

Boys care about how things look, right? Right?!? And the hours I took making the cupcake picks, Happy Birthday Banner, and all the thought and time I put into the candy bar - that was all appreciated, right?!? I mean, it's not just about getting sweaty and screaming and running really fast and.... Oh wait. Did you boys even see how nice the room looked?

The room after.....

Well, one thing's for sure... Bunny ears never get old.

Happy birthday, my baby. Yes, you are still my baby - like it or not!!!!! Even with your long hair that I promise will never get curly no matter how long you grow it.


Jthemilker said...

Luke is super cute and growing up way too fast! I hope he always wants to run and hug me yelling "VULHOP!!!" but I'm sure one day he'll grow out of that. Great job on the party-planning as usual. Someday I'm going to hire you to plan parties for our kids! Miss you pal! Give the birthday boy some hugs from Vulhop! XO

Katie (and Tony) said...

Amy, can't get over how grown up Luke is! He is no longer a little boy, but a young man in those pictures. I am just in awe! What a handsome young man he is! Please give him belayed birthday hugs from us and let him know how proud we are of him!


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