Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dark Side

It's April. Freezing cold April. We've had a handful of warm days - and I do mean a small handful. The last few days were hot even. I was more than excited to watch the thermometer climb into the low 80's. But now we are back to the 40's with rain. Brrrr.

Those few warm days are enough for the ticks. Those dirty little suckers. They get an inch but take a mile. I found one on Emma a couple days ago. They had been playing outside all day - in our backyard, not in the woods or hayfields or anything. Our backyard. Ugh.

So round two. I tried to pull this one off - and succeeded this time. No ER visit. It must've just attached. Disgusting.

The next day at lunch Emma said, "Mommy, I've been thinking about ticks."
Me: "What about them, honey?"
Emma: "I think ticks are on the devil's team. Do you mommy?"
Me: "Yes I do, baby. Yes I do."

That's the best explanation I've heard for those little suckers, that's for sure.

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Jthemilker said...

Jill says she treats her lawn with diamatous earth (sp?) to ward off ticks. She says it works. You can get it at Oesterlings. Might be worth looking into.

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