Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Do you want to work out?"

This morning when I woke up, my thoughtful husband didn't say "Good morning!" Oh no. He said, "Do you want to work out today?" Isn't that kind of like asking me if I want to do laundry or clean the kitchen? Does anyone ever really want to work out? If so, that is honestly a foreign concept to me. Working out is not my cup of tea. Can't say I ever crave it or even think about it. Or actually do it.

Now I will say that I asked him at the beginning of the summer to try to get me going. I don't work out - but as I creep closer and closer to 40 - I know I should. My bones and body don't feel the way they used to. They're a bit slower and they sometimes creek. I have a few "fun" workout videos that might not be too bad - if I actually put them in the TV and push play. ha. But for now, they just accumulate dust, sitting there on the shelf looking at me every day - but I look the other way. tee hee.... ;)

And so I suppose I should quit procrastinating... I think he is getting the kids involved too. Oh great, gang up on me why don't you!

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