Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us - I think!

Joe and I had our 14th anniversary 2 days ago. I had to stop typing and do the math :) I guess once you've been married as long as we have, the big day kind of slips by. We went furniture shopping that day (for a new bed for Luke) and as we were sitting in Olive Garden having lunch with the kids I said, "Hey, what is today's date?" and Joe said, "I don't know, why?" I said, "I think it's our anniversary!" We tried to figure the days out and we realized it was. Joe said, "I honestly thought tomorrow was the 29th. Whoops." So we quickly kissed - right in the middle of the restaurant :) - and then went on with our day.

Maybe one of these days the grandparents can watch the kids and we can do something fun together - or maybe even go away together, we haven't done that since we've had kids! But for now, we just skipped it. Whoops!

It's not that we're not in love or we don't appreciate each other. We do! Joe is a teacher and I am home with the kids, so we are both home all summer. We honestly had no idea what day it was! And it honestly snuck up on us - where are all the summer days going anyway?!?!?

So one of these days, we'll celebrate. A bit belated, but that's okay. We just want to make it last longer :)

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