Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Darth Vader-ish

Luke had a sick day at home today. When he breathes, he sounds like Darth Vader. Has a cough to go with it. I took him to an Express Health Clinic this morning to avoid the half-day-production at the pediatrician's. Plus I figured if he really was okay, I could still take him to school. The doctor said his lungs are clear and he tested negative for strep (he said his throat really hurts) so the doctor thinks it must be stuck in his throat and gave him an excuse out of school for the next 3 days. Lovely. Not sure which is lovelier - being stuck in his throat or being stuck at home for the next 3 days. ha.

Got the prescription at Target and by the time we finally got back home, it had been 2 hours anyway. So much for avoiding losing half a day.

Luke is my good sick kid. When Emma is sick, she is down for the count. When Luke is sick, well - he is Darth Vader. "Mommmmmmmy!" he says just like Darth Vader as he tries to chase me around. "Luke, you're sick! Stop running!" I say. Then he cracks up laughing and runs some more, which turns into a coughing fit and a dramatic collapse onto the couch.

Mommy might need some margaritas by the time these 3 days are over!!

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