Saturday, October 8, 2011

She shoots, she scores!

Emma had a soccer game today. She doesn't like kicking the ball very much. She loves to run around the field - in a big clump with the other girls - but she doesn't get her foot on the ball very often.

Today, she was left little choice when someone else kicked the ball and it landed right in front of her. She took a quick glance around and realized there was no one else who was closer to the ball. "Kick it, Emma!" Joe and I yell. So she kicks it. She got a big smile. "Kick it again!" we both yell, "Keep going!"

And so she kicked and kicked and kicked - right into the goal! Score! She jumped all around and gave us the thumb's up.

At this age, there are no goalies. So she only had to keep it in front of the other girls. And she did.

Maybe this kicking thing isn't so bad afterall!

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