Saturday, February 11, 2012

I pushed for gymnastics. Emma's idea won.

Emma has been wanting to do something with her spare time. We talked a lot about gymnastics. She wasn't quite sure. A lot of her friends take gymnastics and she thought she wanted to try it. Then she got a better idea.

I tried every excuse under the sun - even, "But hockey is for boys!" I have no shame in being completely sexist. But it didn't work, she shot back with, "Girls play hockey!" Truth be told, Luke's hockey teams have been mostly boys but occassionally there is a girl.

She stuck with the idea long enough - she wouldn't budge, actually - and we (okay, Joe!) finally agreed to let her play. I'm still not sure I'm okay with it.

The kids usually put their names on their helmets so the coaches know who they are. In case anyone was wondering, we've got a new hockey player in town.

The Mean Meow Meow has started her career.

Alright, I admit it. She was kind of fun to watch. She wasn't afraid of the boys. She got right in there and - well, played. It probably helps that this league is for 4-6 year olds and most of them ran the wrong way or had no clue what was going on.

There was 1 kid on the other team who actually played hockey. Just one. The rest of them were too cute for words.

Emma's team scored 1 goal. Drum roll.... it was her goal! Well. Kind of. She shot and missed - but somehow the goalie hit it, spun around and put it right in the goal. So since she was the last one who touched it before it went in, GOAL for Emma!

She's already counting the days until her next game. I'm trying to decide if it is okay for my pretty girl to be rough around the edges just a bit. Maybe it will be okay. Maybe, just maybe.

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