Saturday, February 4, 2012

We are the Champions!

Okay, we're not the champions, Luke's team is the champions... but you know, I kind of feel a little bit of ownership in the whole win thing. ha ha.

This is all we parents see. We have no idea what these kids really look like under these helmets and masks.

This is the first time Joe coached the little ones. He's helped out before - but this was the first time he was fully responsible. He used to say he could never coach young kids (being a varsity football coach!) but I think he might admit that he enjoyed it. I know Luke loved having Dad so close!

And now Joe has a championship to add to his resume :)

I guess the kids don't know what they look like under those helmets and masks either. This little guy is one of Luke's good hockey friends. They have played together on several teams now. When Kyle took his helmet off after the game, he had a new haircut. Luke said, "Dude - you know we're not supposed to shave during the playoffs!" Too funny!

I'm so proud of Luke. He is doing really well with hockey and is one of the top scorers in the league. It sure is fun for me - I mean for him! - that he has found something that he loves and he is good at. It is a real boost to his confidence. He's still not wanting to play ice hockey yet, though... So unless Dek Hockey becomes a professional sport he might still have to keep his grades up in school! :)

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