Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm itchy all over again

It has been almost 8 months since the foster kids were here. Wow. On one hand, it seems like a lifetime ago. On the other hand that time has really flown by. Proof that life goes on I guess.

The logical side of me tells me that we beat the lice that those kids brought here. Thankfully, we never had it. We stayed on top of monitoring it - and being completely CRAZY to prevent the spread of it to us or our things. And I know there is no way that we missed one or two of those bugs. Because if we had, they would have multiplied into the millions by now.

But the emotional side of me still checks. I still look in the mirror at my hair. I ruffle through my kids' heads every once in awhile. The emotional side of me tricks me into thinking that maybe we did miss one. And somehow that one hasn't multiplied. But it's just hiding. Waiting for an opportune time to pounce.

Crazy thoughts of mine. I wonder if any part of this is considered "normal" after co-habitating with kids infected with lice... Whatever normal is, though, who really knows...

Anyway. I went to the school today for a little bit and ran into Luke's teacher. She told me that the lice letter is being sent home today. "What??!!" I say - admittedly in a panic. "Oh, I think Luke will be okay", she soothes me, "He was nowhere near the infected kid."

Oh. Good. Grief.

My head is insanely itchy. All over again.

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