Friday, February 24, 2012

My love runneth over

I'm getting sick. Moms aren't supposed to be sick. Everyone else in this house has had it lately. I have Lysol wiped to death and I've sucked down Vitamin C drops like water - but it finally got me. If it were just me, I'd probably be passed out on the couch right now - perhaps permanently - but since I have a family and a house to take care of, well.... I have a family and house to take care of. So even if I want to be sick, I can’t be.

Last night, I asked Joe if he could make dinner. He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

After dinner, I started cleaning the kitchen and Joe offered to do it. I of course said yes and then I went and laid on the couch.

Well, no cleaning got done and instead the 3 of them wrestled – very loudly – right next to my couch. They could’ve gone downstairs – or found something quiet to do. Nope. And the kitchen didn’t clean itself. Can’t it be about me just for one second?!?!?

And then Emma decided she needed to draw a picture on a very small piece of paper on the kitchen table with a Sharpie. Nevermind her 1000 washable markers. Oh no. She knows she’s not supposed to use that one. And no matter where I put the one permanent marker, her radar is able to find it. Every time.

She innocently approached the couch and said, “Uh, mommy? I know I’m not supposed to use it but I also know you always say if we tell you the truth we won’t be in trouble and I don’t want to be in trouble so I’m telling you the truth. You know that marker I’m not supposed to use? Well I used it and it got all over the kitchen table.”

So up I get and I go to investigate. I’m not calm. She’s saying, “But I told you the truth! Why are you mad?” All bets are off at this point. I’m mad because I can’t be sick and I’m mad because she did something she knows she’s not supposed to and is now turning my words against me to avoid getting in trouble!

I spray kitchen spray and scrub. Nothing. Not even a bit of a fade. I grumble.

So I get out the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. All I can say is – pure love. Pure. Love. It wiped up like it was a spill of water.

Now if I could just get that Magic Eraser to do even more magic and get it to do the dishes and cook and feed the dogs and quiet the kids and the husband so I can lay on the couch when I am sick. Hum.

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