Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anticipation is always the worst part....

I was not looking forward to today - the dreaded first day of homework for Luke. Last year was a total nightmare with homework. He'd throw himself down on the ground, cry hysterically and say he'd never be able to do it because it was too hard. Once he eventually got self control (sometimes after an hour or more!), he'd get it done in just a few minutes. I don't get that. I really don't. It would be one thing if he really wasn't able to do it...

Anyway. He came home after school, had a snack and watched a few minutes of TV. He wanted to go outside to play but I said, "Let's get homework done first." A bit of drama. "It's too much, I'll never get it done!" And I said, "Let's just try."

We opened his folder, he took a deep breath and said, "I can do it." I said, "Yes, baby, you can. Keep self-control. You can do it!"

A couple times, he could tell he was getting close to losing self-control so he took a deep breath and said, "I can do it...." I encouraged him.

Soon - and I mean soon! Yippee! - he was done. All done. He said, "Is that it?" and I said, "Yes! You're done!" And he said, "Really? Wow, that wasn't that much. I wish I had MORE HOMEWORK tonight!"

I put it in caps because I still can't believe it! More homework?!? Who is this kid??? ha.

So my anticipation - and his - really was the worst part this time. Whew. I'm hoping for the same thing every day from now on :)

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