Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh no, the big 4-0!

I'm not sure I even want to say it outloud, but as of today I am married to a 40 year old man. Gasp! ha. The good news is - he's only getting better with age :)

To celebrate, we had a party for him yesterday. He was a bit nervous when I first told him I wanted to have a party. For his 30th, I had a surprise party for him. He promised me he'd divorce me if I ever did that to him again. So no more surprises!! But he didn't know what I was up to this time - and that made him nervous. He knew (and approved) the guest list (very small), but beyond that I told him to let me have a few surprises for him.

I didn't want to do anything depressing. No black balloons or prune juice! So I did a "through the decades" theme with bright colors and fun props.

I set up things from each decade, including fun facts, 'props', and pictures of Joe during that time.

The 70's. The little disco ball works. Little lights shine up on it. Great dollar store find! Mood rings. Paint your own pet rocks. An 8-track tape. (Not in picture but I did set it out later.) Some of Joe's childhood toys. Tie-dye TShirt.

The 80's. Rubik's cubes. Jelly bracelets. Old baseball cards. Trivial Pursuit. Ms. PacMan. Cassette tapes. Michael Jackson Thriller album. (Forgot to put it in the picture before taking the pic!) His high school varsity jacket.

The 90's. Our wedding picture. Blue M&M's. (Who knew blue M&M's aren't that old?!?) Snapple. VHS tape. Floppy disk. Wheaties box. CD. College stuff. Flannel for that grunge look.

The 00's. Text acronyms. Sudoku puzzles. Tattoos. A (mini) croc. 40 Sucks lollies. DVD's. Disney picture. Newspaper for the background - because it seemed like there was a lot of bad news in the 00's! Stock market crash, etc. Yuck. Researching that decade for the fun facts didn't make me happy. ha.

Emma told me we couldn't have a birthday party without balloons so she picked out some. This one sings, it is hysterical! I have never seen a singing balloon. You hit it and it sings - just like when you open the singing cards. We were hysterical.

The kids and I set everything up while Joe was at football yesterday morning. It was hard for them to wait for him to come home!

When he came home, he saw his surprise - and he really liked it! He said, "Thanks! This is way better than a surprise party!" Point noted. ha.

We had a dinner party. Afterwards, we had a champagne toast. My man is worth toasting!

I had CD's playing randomly from all 4 decades - so we had to have a dance party in the living room. (One of our favorite past-times!) There were 6 kids and 4 adults (Joe and I and our closest friends from college) dancing around - the other adults were too grown up to dance with us. ha. Too bad we don't have any pictures - I'm sure we looked fun :)

The props did become a part of the party. We played some trivial pursuit. The kids painted rocks. We all tried on the mood rings. The M&Ms were gone - they may not melt in the hands but they sure turn the mouth blue! We tried to figure out the texting acronyms - and didn't do too well. You know you're old when..... ha!

Glad we have reason to celebrate! What a great husband and father. Happy Birthday, my old man! I love you!!!

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Jthemilker said...

Awesome Amy!!! You should totally be a party planner!

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