Monday, September 27, 2010

Old and out of touch

Well I realize my husband is officially old :) - but I didn't realize I was too. It's like we woke up one day and we were old and out of touch. Or maybe it has been sneaking up on us and we didn't realize it...

We bought a laptop this weekend. Oh. My. Goodness. It is like a new language! The kid at Best Buy (yes, I swear he was 12 working there!) was trying to explain everything to us. I'd shake my head in agreement - and then admit I had no clue what he just said.

But we bought it anyway, thinking - "how different will it be, really?" When we got home and took it out of the box, we sat there and looked at it. We couldn't figure out how to open the laptop! We were trying to open it from the wrong end and couldn't figure out what those hinges were doing there. I am not even kidding. I wish I was. When we realized what we were doing, we admitted our stupidity and had a good laugh. But I think we were both secretly sad that we have reached this point already....

It has Windows 7 and I have no idea how to get my e-mail! Everything looks completely different. Not saying I don't like change - but couldn't they just tweak things instead of completely changing them?

Sigh. I never thought I'd be as stupid as I thought my mother was when I was a teenager. I don't even have teens yet - but I think I have reached official stupid status.

Imagine how stupid I'll be by the time my kids are teenagers. I can only imagine.

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