Thursday, June 10, 2010

I guess we don't stick together after all.....

Emma got upset about something today. What a dramatic conversation we had!

Emma: "That's it, I'm leaving pretty soon."
Me: "Where are you going?"
Emma: "I'm leaving this family!"
Me: "Please don't leave, I love you. We're a family, we stick together."
Emma: "Not anymore."
Me: "Well I don't want you to leave, but where will you go?"
Emma: "I'm going to stay in Pittsburgh." (We're an hour from Pittsburgh.)
Luke stops playing the Wii - actually turns it off! - and says: "NO! Emma, you can't leave!"
Emma: "I'm leaving." Cry cry cry.
Luke: Cry cry cry cry. "Emma, NO!, PLEASE stay!"
Me: "See, Emma, this family wouldn't be the same without you. We all love you. Will you stay?"
Emma: "No."
Me: "But your birthday is tomorrow, I have everything ready for your party."
Emma: "Well maybe I'll think about it tomorrow after my party."
Luke: "Well if Emma leaves, I'm leaving too."
Me: "No one is leaving, we're a family."

And I now have two criers, crying hysterically. Both are hanging off of me, hugging me like there is no tomorrow.

Me: "I love you, Emma."
Emma: "I love you too."
Me: "Does that mean you are staying?"
Emma: "No, I told you I would think about it tomorrow."
Me: "Let's go talk to daddy about this." (He was outside cutting grass.)
Emma: "NO! We are NOT talking to daddy. Can we just watch a movie instead?"

And so we went to watch a movie. A leaving thwarted. Whew. Not sure how a 4 year old thought she was getting out of here anyway. :)

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