Sunday, June 13, 2010

Old Birthdays - Luke's 6

This was by far my favorite party to plan! Emma's carnival party that we just had was fun too, but I think this one took the cake. (But I didn't make the cake - I was still bitter from his 5th birthday!)

Luke wanted a Superhero party. We rented out the church basement and sent out invitations inviting the kids to Superhero Training Headquarters. I made Superhero capes out of felt for the kids with their first initial on the back. The kids decorated their own masks. I was surprised that most of them kept their costumes on the entire party.

We played Superhero games. One of the kids' favorites was the Spiderman web-making game. We had the kids stand in a circle. We got a ball of yarn and they tossed it around the circle. Every time a kid caught the yarn, it was wrapped around him or her and then tossed again. Once we had a "web", we dropped 2 spiders on it and the kids had to jump up and down (while tied up) to try to knock the spiders off the web.

Then the kids were led in a Superhero Training. Once they all finished the simple obstacle course, Batman (my dad) walked into the party and told the kids that since they were official Superheroes now, they had to assist him in getting the villians. They were given cans of silly string and then my 3 nephews (who were much too cool (old!) to be at a kindergarten party) came in dressed in black - and the Superheroes squirted them like crazy. They went nuts! We had to do it in shifts though, because it got a little too crazy!

It was really fun because at that age, I think alot of the kids really believed it was Batman :)

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