Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I recently had a birthday. I won't say which one :) Joe took the kids shopping and they each picked out flowers and a card for me. Luke picked a card that plays music: "Who let the dogs out". I guess that never gets old. ha. Emma picked a card with a cat on it (she loves cats).

They both signed their cards. Luke wrote, "I love you mommy, Love Luke". Emma said to Joe, "I want to write 'I love you mommy' too". Joe said, "Okay, do you know how to spell it?" and she said, "Yes".

Now I'm sure Joe was thinking, "Wow, Amy sure is working with her, she can spell that?" Emma drew a picture inside the card - you know, the people who have legs coming right out of their head! - and then wrote, "Poot Emma".

I opened the card and said, "Poot Emma?" and she said, "No mommy, it says, I love you from Emma."

So Poot = I love you.

Then we were even more hysterical when we really listened to the card Luke got me.

"Who let the dogs out? Poot. Poot. Poot. Poot."

tee hee.....

1 comment:

Jthemilker said...

Everyone has their own Love Language! Looks like you've found Emmas. HA!!!

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