Sunday, June 13, 2010

Old Birthdays - Luke's 7

Luke just turned 7 a few months ago. He wanted an army party. This really threw me for a loop. I had no idea how to do a party around this theme. I hate guns and wish we could all be friends :) so I have absolutely no army sense.

So after pondering this theme for some time, we went back to the church basement and had an army party. We had camo decorations and a tank pinata. We came up with a few game ideas that weren't fighting related. We played games like drop the parachuter into a cup, sargeant says (simon says), pin the medal on the soldier (blindfold game), find the hidden green army men, capture the flag (which was a disaster, no one would fess up when they were tagged!), and tug of war (which was a HUGE hit and they couldn't play it enough!)

I decided I'd make the cake and I stuck little plastic army guys and a toy tank into the cake. Sounds tacky, but I think it turned out pretty cute. It's a little hard to see, but in the back left corner I put one army man trying to sneak up the side of the cake and another one on top shooting him down :)

When the party was over, we handed out HERO medals to each child. I guess it wasn't too bad for a theme I couldn't figure out :)

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